Thursday, 22 May 2008

On the beach

Haven calls the music beats, soon as I wake I was to be found on a dance pole. Tip to strip my own howl in to the breaking day, I need the money and its a living but an easy one. Trouble brews and I hunt it down, I happened upon my brother Skyler. He got himself a moterbike so we took a ride back to Haven, and I was once again earning my money on the pole. I even shifted back to my old familar wolf shape for a while, I can't seem to hold it for long but the more I do it I guess the longer it will be.

At some point I headed back to home and see Lysander wounding Ava, my blood boiled at this I was more angry at myself than him. I had talked to Rizal to let him be tested for entry, and I catch him doing this. He had insulted her and spoke in a disrespectful tone, Rizal went for him and I followed after. It confuses me though that he wounded them both, yet when he caught me he just let me go. Lys said he respected me but the others were not worthy of their seat, in response he was beaten down by Jason and forbidden to return to our home.

The sun sinks in to the abyss we call the wide blue ocean, the sky lights up with its oranges and reds reminding me of fire. I stood on the beach in Toxia south speaking to Lilith who is inside Picket, in the same time frame I made contact with Joah to inform her of the toxic leak. Interesting how conversation twists and turns, Picket seems to be okay and doesn't want to get rid of mother.

I need to find father....

Lulz of the day:

[9:59] DCS2 2.33: Blueray Darkes OOC: Gah i cant find any socks
[10:00] DCS2 2.33: Pieter Seelowe OOC: RAWR the suck monster pwned you
[10:00] DCS2 2.33: Pieter Seelowe OOC: SOCK!
[10:00] DCS2 2.33: Blueray Darkes OOC: That would be the washing machine
[10:00] DCS2 2.33: Bruno Rehula OOC: ... wishful thinking, Piet?
[10:00] DCS2 2.33: Pieter Seelowe OOC: freudian slipup i guess x.X

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