Saturday, 31 May 2008

On the streets

You ever tried to survive winter in a city with no shelter? Can you imagine then how it was like for two children, only a mere five years old of age?

Summer came and went at least it was warm apart from the rain storms, then we would huddle together shivering in some alleyway. Any food we got was garbage leftovers from the greedy people, who bought too much and threw the rest away. We both grew accustomed to eating gone off or rotten items, so much so over time that we no longer got sick from it.

The city itself like any other city except for the dark foreboding that could be felt all around, in a way Toxia reminds me of that place I left behind. The buildings were tall they converged to make a concrete jungle, at least you could see the sun and feel its warmth. Streets were grim covered, coated with the essence of pollution from traffic and humans. Nothing like the pollution in Toxia, but it was there as it always is when people gather in one place. When winter arrived we already knew every backstreet every alley, all the places to get the best garbage from and where the hobos hung out. Homeless people are a generous sort offering up any meagre supplies they have, specially to two orphaned kids with no one to turn to and no where to go. We spent the winter huddled around burning trashcans in a bid to remain warm, we constantly moved about the city staying with various groups of tramps.

Not the best existance in the world, but we made it through together. Every year we survived scraping up meals, we got a little stronger and more determined to make our lives better. We took to begging at the age of eight, using our situation to wheedle loose change from passerbys. Sometimes we got enough to buy us decent mood from a take away, once we even had icecream just the once but I never forgot it. Partak was always so cheerful that his presence kept my own spirits up, without him I think I would have just given up and died. In a way I saw him as the stronger of us two, despite him being weak in body he was strong in heart and soul. Come to think of it I should have tried to be more like him, he never got angry at anything and he never hated. He was always polite and gentle and calm, over the years he became a gentleman well only in nature. Suppose if he had the chance or oppurtunity to be one, he would have made a very good one he always acted proper while I was the delinquint.

If ever my brother got angry for any reason at all, his wrath was immense it was unstoppable. One day we had been robbed of the money we had begged for, the robbers beat us up to and we were only eleven. This made Partak angry since they didn't just hurt him they hurt me too, he attacked them with his fists beating them. It was the first time I had seen him lose it like that, but once justice was served he was his usual self... I never saw him in that fury again, not until the day I lost him. My twin.

With each passing night the memories of my past come thick and fast, I wonder if I should take Joah up on the offer of taking something to stop them. So far the only thing holding me back from asking her, is the fact it will dull my senses when I'm awake and right now I need all my wits about me.

Fate, destiny and memory are all such strange things, when you stop to think about it even for a moment....

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