Saturday, 24 May 2008

To Delrith

In the darkness a light shone faint yet true and pure, the darker half that ruled her now slept soundly and obscure. Creeping forth she did crawl upon knees and hands, that lighter half faintly shining from dark and twisted lands.

She can not remember how and when and why, the chains of shadow that binded her completly by and by. While the evilness slept to regain all that energy that was once lost, she can speak and thus appear like a mere jaded ghost.

"To Delrith I will tell my words oh listen to me please, to Delrith I beg for forgivness and listen to my plea". Her words a soft melody mingling with sadness, she has not long at all to impart these words before swallowed up by madness. "All is not forsaken and all is not despair, I linger barely holding on in the abyss of desrepair. In every person of the world there are two sides, most never go against their natural tide. Somewhere along the way the tide of my soul was changed, dark ate light and so it is that everything was exchanged". The voice of her original ruling side of her soul, began to waver and falter becoming less whole.

"I loved you once and I still do, here am I thanking you. This part of me that cared is still around it won't die, I show through occasionally like a truth and a lie. Don't mourn for me dear Delrith or cry of my passing, I can't hold on any longer the darkness is killing me and massing". Her last words she did give in whatever way she can say, the darkness rose and swallowed the light the demoness will awaken in a day.

With this final binding in those cursed chains that part will never rise again, there is no hope to save the damned and no where to even begin.

Lulz of the day:

Luxen Arctor: TOXIAN AND DCS = WINDOWS 98 !!!!!!

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