Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Human gone werewolf gone demon

It's ironic how life turns out to want the power, of the one thing that tore up my existance as I knew it. As I say that's life and here I am in Toxia, a newly made demon a daughter of Janvier.

So whats a new demoness to do?

Make trouble of course!

Though the trouble yesterday wasn't my doing the Toxian Wraith named Dimentox stirred, and a bunch of people went to the church graveyard to dig up Dime's ashes. They wanted to resurrect him. According to them it would stop his troubles but, Vladdemir has Dime's powers so I didn't see the point.

Why bring someone back powerless?

How do I know what happened?

Dime told his story at the Toxian radio station to two KA one of which he had beaten up, I was just there to watch Dime kick ass. He seemed sad and bitter that he was stuck as a Wraith, I guess anyone who been without a body long as he has would be.. Stay around him long enough and you can feel, this deep desire for revenge boil down in his core.

I need to find out what happened after I passed out from tiredness and boredom in the graveyard. Not the best place to sleep if you ask me which, you didn't but I said it anyway.

As a sidenote I miss talking to JonnyG, I don't deserve him as a friend I did mess with the blood pool. I did however take my punishment as a responsible person should, and showed that I made a mistake for trying to prank the KA. I still say they forgot the salt.

The sparring between Dio and I is now 4-6, thats four wins to me and six losses. He can't wait to win this little bet of ours and whip me in to submission, I like to be a challenge and I don't break so easily. Forever wild forever free, right?

Lulz of the day:

Kishi: Sipha what disease are you getting the cure for?
Sipha: The one thats going around.
Damion: Aids!
Sipha: Yeah lol we should call it that if doesn't have a name already.
Blueray: Great thanks Sipha, I have aids
Sipha: Is there anyone you really need to call?
Blueray: My lawyer
Kishi: lol

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