Sunday, 25 May 2008


In the days that I hide from the city I slumber, to regain energy and to ponder on many a thing. Such a time as now is no different from the times before, I let my mind wonder in its dream like state as I lay curled in the depths of the Pit.

My mind plays tricks on me I swear it does, I have nightmares every time I sleep. The burning fire that wrecked my house, silent screams of my parents as they got murdered, the laughter of the demoness that now seems to mock me for what I am. If that isn't enough there is the things the Pack did to me, I re-live the two nights and day I was held captive by them. Sometimes I wonder why I sleep at all, but the visions remind me I have to be strong and my hate is my resolve.

For the people who wish that old me to return... forget it. There is no way I will fucking ever return to that weak willed creature, I am strong much more so than I used to be and as I say I like this darker me. You can tell me all you want that the darker side of life doesn't appeal to you, I won't believe you the curiousity of it is there you're just too scared to take the first step.

I hope to wake soon from this slumber and once more spread chaos over the city, if I ever doubt myself or feel weak there is my family who will renew my strength. I wonder if my brother Partak would disapprove of who I am... Somehow I don't even care.

Tomorrow I awaken... I can feel it.

Lulz of the day:

Blueray Darkes: He told me not to take it so personally, he beat me over the head with my own god damn leg. You can't get any more personal than that!

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