Saturday, 29 October 2011

The era shall continue, Legends never die they evolve

(Toxian timeline)

It fascinates me to know even new residents have heard of me, I've always wondered why has no one heard of the others. Pieter has always been a legend in his own right, the one who fought and was never beaten. Guardian of the Shadows til he became the Lord, always working to cause fear and chaos. Not only my dearest friend and a few times my lover, but also one of my many teachers on how to tread the path of darkness. If anyone needed to thank anyone for me being such a terror, its Miriam for sending me to the Pack, the Pack for trying to break me, and the Shadows for making me what I am.

I'm sure that Janvier my father has been heard of as he had returned to the throne at one point, he didn't stay long in order to re-establish the Shadows as a force to be reckoned. Janvier is a legend as the dark Lord he who rose the Shadows twice, made them feared, made them strong, made me a demon. Just his mere presence sent people shrinking back in fear.

Jason the guy who can shoot you in the nipple from twenty feet away, who had such dastardly plans that took weeks to come to fruitation. Not only had he enjoyed playing them all for saps, but he made the entire populace terrified. The only known Shadow who was able to stand up to Rau toe to toe, for she is a fearsome fighter and gives no quarter as is Jason.

Dante who's gone missing was another fearsome warrior, he became Guardian when Pieter became Lord and I became Perceptor equal in rank to Dante. He knew battle tactics from every standpoint, he never lost a fight and us together pulled off one of the best Shadow rescues for one of our own ever.

No these people aren't mentioned.

I'm the only name that passes people's lips, the only name whispered in the dark, the only name that is spat with venom. Why should I alone take all the credit? Not that I mind I'll let you know, but there are other ex Shadows who deserve just as much vocal time as me.

Once more I visit the city on its island after two months of skipping, since I'm still pissed off at Magpie for what he did. The betrayal as that's what it feels like to me still stung pretty badly, rather than go to the church to seek him out I took to the bar instead. I found an interesting vampire who I spoke to with a while, he started to talking to me because he said I acted like I owned the place. I told him I been here before a long time ago, we dicussed the cunning of demons and how its good to let go. Going on to say how I ended up as an angel, dispising myself for this body I was now in and most of all about nothing at all. This vampire said he had heard of my name and the tales that surround it, he expected me to be a terrifying Shadow lord not some badass angel. I preened at that, had to admit the pride I had as a demon and a Shadow are still with me. Appearence may change but I never will.

Before leaving I asked him to tell Magpie I want my book back, and to tell who ever it is telling people he called Magpie; Magpie first, to stop taking my credit. Came out that it was Reaver and that guy knows better than to take my credit. Fucker!

Lulz of the day:

[10:13]  Nibblit: I have two :o They are two male Meeroo's who are in love with each other, because the evil lampost across the Kingdom of Nibblits Room demands everyone be the same as Father Clock-on-the-wall.
[10:15]  Nibblit: The king slaughters chickens for their love of lesbi-dom. They call theirselves GUICCI - Gay Understanding for Intrepid Chickens Chosen Into... Lesbianism..


Savannah said...

IF this was IC and Savannah could respond as such, she would say:
"Pieter's name is still whispered in the walls of what is now the shadow's home, but only by those of us that remember him. Dante is remembered, as is Jason. However much as many former citizens, the fact that there presence is never seen, their memory only carries in those that knew them. Blue, you come around and poke at us occasionally, and when people like me, show you respect and deference, people take notice."

Blueray Darkes said...

Its an IC journal :) One of the many things that would have been left at the church, when she became an angel and lost control of her shadow. Only she picked it back up, its her personal thoughts and stuff in there

Coven Mystic said...

IF this was IC and Christine could respond she who bite her lower lip and and nod that she remembers Janvier very well and if the older Generation was anything like him she is happy she didn't run into them

/9ooc actually I'm sad I missed some epic RP with some great players