Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Wet willy

Reenie goaded me in to pranking Elam not that I need much goading in to anything, she increased the volume of some water and I manipulated it. Wrapping it around my adopted brother slowing the molucles in the liquid to make it solidify, I encased him inside a block of frozen ice until he woke up at least. At that point I decided to beign to let him go, soon as his head was free he began screaming he was going to kill us.

Well I aint one to run from a challenge or a decent fight, specially not among my own family members. I hadn't expected him to leap at him and knock me on to my back, I was expecting a punch to the face or something like that to be honest. Elam sucked on his finger then shoved it in to my ear yelling about a "Wet willy", now I've had a few lovers but what  he did is certainly not a wet willy. It doesn't feel all that fun either actually it feels really weird, I guess this thing is a human concept... I never heard of one before.

My first wet willy... Fuck that shit aint even funny.

Lulz of the day:

Xan hands on hips: Super penis

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