Saturday, 7 May 2011

The weary

I've been away...

Half the time I don't even recall where I've been or where I'm going, but the thing that stays with me is that I'm worn down and worn out. Sure a wedding was a great thing to break up the monotone of my current existance, that my time spent with my husband has also broken up my days in to a whirlwind of pure love and longing. An embracement of fullfillment I haven't had in such a long time, I digress from the topic at hand though I forget what it was I was meant to say.

What am I supposed to do?

Once more it seems that history repeats itself that while I idle away somewhere, my family seems to be doing even better without me. Elamyrath has been promoted to Obscurum a role I wanted for myself, Lacey and Jessicka have become Matriarchs. I wonder where I fit now when I'm being left behind, I'm running the Black market and doing my duties that I have currently abandoned in order to have a break. Such is the way things are even demons get tired, I happen to do so when I  have worked myself to the point of being unable to carry on.

I will recover my energy, I will begin to work once again.

Just not right now!

Lolz of the day:

[17:26]  Asher Blitz: hit wrong button can you tp me back?
[17:26]  Asher Blitz: not sure how that happened
[17:26]  Blueray Darkes: I tped you where now?
[17:26]  Asher Blitz: gah
[17:26]  Asher Blitz: !
[17:27]  Asher Blitz: nvm
[17:27]  Blueray Darkes: Hi to you too
[17:27]  Asher Blitz: i apparently am a born again noob
[17:27]  Blueray Darkes: Congratulations, here's your robe and bible
[17:28]  Asher Blitz: thanks :P

[OOC: I've been out of CoLA for a couple of weeks now, ever since I almost had a third black out my head has been funny. Its been constant for one week then I had pills, now its on and off as if someone is playing with a switch in my head. Half the time I can't even concentrate on roleplaying, I have continued to try and find some outside the sim in other places. If I feel capable enough I will drop in to LA to roleplay, otherwise I'm not there and I'm on a break til I'm a hundred percent better. Thank you!]