Thursday, 13 January 2011

I do not know

Working class demon... A demon demands all working class demons are given more imps, riches and freedom, I sort of laugh at that kind of thing as I am neither working class or restricted by such servitude. Unlike my brethen I retained freedom a royal blood descended, perhaps my decision not to abide by the Seven has left me more alienated than I thought.

I'm also extremely unique I know that, there is no demon that is just like me. I am being told so many things, its started tugging at me yet still I refuse to listen. Stubborn I dig in my heels in once more unease settles in, I begin to feel out of place. It will pass...

Lulz of the day:

[15:09] Mac Gaelyth: oh dear god
[15:09] Mac Gaelyth: my typo made a new word that's perfect for cola
[15:10] Mac Gaelyth: Extrapeolating.
[17:39] Xombie Khaos: If Blue committed a crim and left behind a ton of evidence would we have to label them as Blue's Clues?
[17:39] Xombie Khaos: crime*
[17:39] Cat Helse: ...yes
[17:39] Maiel Edenflower: well then...just let me get my Handy Dandy Note-book!
[17:40] Cat Helse: And we'd have to sit down on our thinking chair and think.
[17:42] Blueray Darkes stabs youall
[17:43] Xombie Khaos is stabbed. It's hawwt.
[17:43] Rhaeon Thor loves it
[17:43] Cat Helse: Do it againnn
[17:43] Blueray Darkes stabs you all again, "Now Picket is singing the think song"
[17:44] Maiel Edenflower is stabbed and keeps talking. "so what would Blue wanna do with a knife, blood and a list of all our names. *pauses* That's it! Murder!"
[17:45] Xombie Khaos: Let's all sing about murder, kids!

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