Saturday, 23 July 2011

Spoken betrayal and the undone deed

Hack, slash, cut, rip, tear, break, torture, take, dismember, rinse, repeat.
Hack, slash, cut, rip, tear, break, torture, take, dismember, rinse, repeat.
Hack, slash, cut, rip, tear, break, torture, take, dismember, rinse, repeat.

That's my life... My life in a nutshell that torture has become more of a chore than a pleasure, that those that are taken off the streets to be harvested no longer fear. The pain is momentary they can get healed, no matter what twisted things we inflict on them its never enough. Last one I got to maim was a vampire woman, I drilled a hole in to her spine. She screamed a lot I loved it, but as usual my joy was short lived. Then there was Mir a pet of the AR he used to be a Brood pet, but I see him more as food than a pet as pets are meant to die not live. I tore off his flesh and devoured it, he screamed for me only in order to please me.

I liked it!

I wish Xan would wake up, he's been in his coma too long.

Even with the recent wanting to eat some strange cream coloured cubes (tofu), cherry blossoms and urges to rape Lacey on the streets I seem to be okay. I also forgot to mention that I've started to whine like Bryan and stick close to Lacey when she's around, in the same notion though Bryan is acting like me and hating on everyone. In some way I'm amused.

As my monotone existance continues only broken up with the verbal fight with Alandriel, she called me fallen and a pet I told her to get out of the bar before I hurt her. I actually begin to question myself as I often do, but I know I'm perfect and that's all that matters. So what if things end and I'm left alone on the streets? Nothing new doesn't mean I'll complain about it like she did, waah waah I'm alone and I guess that's how its meant to be. Suck it up seriously. If there's no worthy places to be then being on your own is the best thing ever, I've always worked alone I do better that way.

I suppose my line of thinking is what took me to back to Toxia in as many weeks as I had left it, my last visit I had my sisterwife Picket in tow who had demanded we visit the shit hole. Looks like a lot of the old faces returned as if the outside world had given its all, and they had grown weary of it as I grow weary of it now. Yet my loyality keeps me working for the zombies, perhaps this is why Alandriel wishes my work will end soon. Its odd to say that the island changes as much as one changes the colour of their hair, there's no reason or rhyme to it it just does. First it expanded to allow the growing population to overspill in to new areas of the city, now it has once again deflated to the size it once was but the layout has changed completely. I blame magick for these occurances as there's no other explination, since I was now lost in the place that I used to know so well I stumbled in to the library.

Upon entering the scene was tense right from the start, Magpie was floating with skin as black as those of Belial kin. He had some sort of strange halo and was threatening the Illuminati with violence, something to do with someone attacking angels. Savannah was there too and I just had to go over and pester her despite the atmosphere, a feline showed up and ordered me to go outside if I was going to fight with the angels. Seeing Sav as an angel was a shock in itself, I had more on my mind with my own things and the fact Magpie had used my first name. Pisses me off I hate that name. Apparently there is some war going on between angels and demons which, in my own valid opinion is a pretty pointless war and about as usefull as a hole in your head. I know in the past that angels and demons had always have had their differences apart from fallen angels that is, they are pretty much the same attitude as demons and are easier to deal with... I digress; but anyway we've had our differences but there's never been a war. Conflict yes as we clashed since we're the embodiments of sins and they're meant to be all holy and shit which, again is pretty much codswallop because they're about as holy as a random porn magazine.

War though?

There's no need for a war or even an attempt to wipe out what can't be wiped out, for as long as humans sin they will never be innocent and demons will always exist. So this whole thing ties in with the fact Magpie has told me twice now he will save me or kill me, the change in him is a shock because he was once a lover of demons. He was also the one who told me I could rely on him and he was one of the few non Shadows I trusted, yet here he is standing in front of me saying he was going to toss that all aside for his stupid petty war that shouldn't exist. If I could feel the sting of betrayal anymore I suppose I would be offended, on the other hand he's been all words so far and hasn't a laid a finger on me. We've got three choices, redemption that I don't want or need because I'm happy as I am, killing me that will send me to Hell and in to the hands of Lucifer to be punished for stealing from him, or the last one to cease existing altogether.

We bantered for a while him threatening me and me just pointing out that he can't, I'm the past and the past of all old Toxians in this city. Why else would my name still be whispered as if I was the bogey man? Once a commotion began behind us I left the church, not without saying that if he ever took me down he could say he took down a legend. Hahaha there goes my ego again!

Lulz of the day:

[18:36]  Blueray 'Ara' Darkes rumbles as she stalks about making as much noise as a herd of elephants, rampaging through several china shops. Yes she is that noisey.

[2011/07/23 20:46]  Blueray 'Ara' Darkes walked non-chantently in to the library as if she had never left the city at all and all things are hers, though the lay out and the buildings had changed dramatically that disorientated her altogether. She needed a break from the monotone of cut this, cut that, hack this up life she gotten in to, but hey Magpie is stirring up trouble and Savannah who she wanted to grope mercilessly. Either way she made not a sound as her uncle was grumpy very grumpy as a matter of fact he was so grumpy he was making a herd of rampaging elephants in china shops look tame in comparision.

(Yeah I like the term rampaging elephants through china shops :P)

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