Monday, 24 January 2011

Its the things I don't know...

Yeah its the things I don't know that get to me, like when Domino says demons make the most sinfully delicious human type food. Or when Omen says a Lord will help siphon off my madness and keep it under control, to be told that there is a way to be under one of the Seven without following.

Omen and I we're both related to Belial not as followers but as spawn, though Omen is older than I and perhaps a son of Belial one that both my uncle and father don't know about. Though it doesn't surprise me that the bastard would have spawned more than two sons, as Belial like his son Janvier are hornballs specially if they get whiskey down their necks. I'm no exception either its why I try not to drink...

A few days ago one of our new Risen had shown up again, Sky Foehammer. I offered him a chance to see some things no one else gets to see, he accepted it since he was curious and I bid him to drink my blood. We spoke for a while on the street about what has been going on, who joined who left afterwards he suggested we go for a drink unless I wasn't interested in hanging out. I accepted the offer we went to the bar, getting our drinks to then sit at a table to talk of other things.

I got no idea why I opened up to Sky perhaps because I knew he wouldn't tell anyone, or that he is rarely around so would be unable to tell no one of my current concerns. I suppose in some small way he reminded me of Skyler, who had dropped in once for two weeks now to pester me while I dj for KCLA. I needed to talk... I needed Skyler to re-inforce to me that my decisions were just, that I shouldn't doubt myself. Skyler wasn't there and neither is Pieter, the two men in my life I had often turned to for advice were no longer a constant. One who tells me to return to the Pit, the other long since vanished. Its a hard thing to swallow when I'm so used to relying on them, over the last year I have had to rely on myself to tell myself I'm doing fine. In truth I am except when things shift and change, to throw me curveballs that cause me to stumble and then second guess myself.

So here I am in the Zodiac with an atmosphere similar to the Haven, strange that this place is actually two years behind the island I left. I poured out every word I could of everything that I been told by Omen to me, he saw the scarring on my right arm demanding to know who hurt me. I told him it was Omen he done it months ago after we fought, he healed my injuries when I wouldn't back down and submit to his collar but he left me that scar. I have only dealt with Hell ice once that was when I had to get Tom back, he was an ice demon who had lost his shell he ruled over the ice level in Hell itself. I never fought Hell Ice I never seen ice that doesn't melt when thrown against Hell fire, it was a vicious fight caused by Omen not understanding that my true form was a sign of hunger not of war. However I relished that fight the violence, I had wanted to be fucked by him so bad back then for I was miserable with my marionette. Alone, unwanted, miserable. That blasted thing only showed up when I was at the end of my tether with dire need, I had nothing else to releive myself with other than my scaled tail.

How things change... I'm happy now!

Sky didn't care that it was months ago he was furious I got hurt at all, I had Shadows who were like that with me back in the day. Now I got AR who are like that now, it still amazes me how I can install such respect and fury when I'm defeated or injured. I don't like a lot of people though I despise them, my family however I will protect and adore perhaps this is why. I heal though I always heal, that is the one thing they forget. Part of the heritage blood that heals, blood that causes others to see the other plain, blood that makes the mind weak that can cause easy possession or some form of insanity. What strange and wonderous blood. Eventually Sky ran out the bar with full moon so close ad his Risen temper, I think it was best he did that. I won't have him starting a war with Brood for something that was already sorted, some people are just hot heads at the end of the day.

The question that now hangs between him and me is "Do I want to learn"? The thing I can't figure out is what is it that I want to learn of my own kind, that I haven't already learned from Pieter and Kishi or by observing the other demons? A lot of the antics they get up to are common, base and crude. Rarely have I seen a Brood demon tear another apart though I have witnessed once, I was happy to see it for finally I thought they were being demons. It was shortlived. Far too many demons deal in Lust while other sins are overlooked, it has gotten to the point where people assume I am a Succubus therefore I must deal in Lust first and primary that means I fuck.

These people are so very wrong, that their assumptions make me sick.

I'm a royal blood, high demon, my main sin is Pride the second is Wrath. The last and final one is Lust, I save that for my mate and my sisterwife. Even if I wasn't mated I would be saving such things for those I deemed worthy of it, to be fucking honest not a lot of people in LA are worthy of my last sin.

Lulz of the day:

[14:22] Mac Gaelyth: i see 'Blueray Darkes' and i think 'craaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy bluedemon lady.'


Coven Angel said...

Christine falls asleep on the beach after a long hard afternoon of weapon training where she got her ass kicked more than she kick ass. Which is not unusual for her because she is a awful fighter, still she is bruised and tired and sore and decides to console herself wrapped in a blanket near the fire on the beach. She yawns while looking around remembering that party on the beach here half a year ago now, that was the last time she recall seeing the demon Janvier. She remembers the tall muscular white haired demon with twisted horns on his head. She shivers thinking about him and glad he is no longer around but what happened to him she wonders, it was with this thought still lodged in her mind that she fell asleep with. Her mind floated on to many a strange plane frightening thoughts of a blue skinned female demon, of some barren sun soaked desert, of a dirty trailer the circling vulture overhead, some odd two story building with blood stained floors and a hidden underground and zombies. She also dreamed of a ancient battle between Angels and Demons images of the pit and of some high demon of the second or third circle who was saying something in a demonic tongue, It scared her so much it woke her up; Christine awakes in a cold sweat not knowing where she was at first she stares deep into the night wondering, fearing, doubting, having dreamt a dream that touched her deepest fears She grabs her sword and pulls the blanket closer around her, How the hell did you allow yourself to fall asleep on the beach! she curses her stupidity this is Tox you don't sleep on the beach come on Christine your not a newbie stop acting like one. With her heart pounding in her chest she gets up and makes a dash back to the voodoo shop. She hopes her Mistress is there she feels protected when she is near her, already pushing the memory of her recent dream into the deepest recesses of her mind.

Blueray Darkes said...

Blueray is nothing more than a lingering nightmare on the streets of Toxia, a monster in her own right spawned from Janvier. Her dark presence still stained the sidewalks and roads, that the oldest residents that remained still whispered her name in fear. She is fear and will find your fear, to weild it like the greatest of sharp weapons.

Every now and then she can be seen walking once more those deserted streets, casting her blue gaze over the people that live there. Once did a man try to flirt with her, he was taught a valuable lesson...

The demoness lingers, she always does...

Coven Angel said...

Found you dad Janvier
[20:44] You: Excuse me but your not suppose to be here
[20:47] You: Christine comes running into the back room again having felt the presence of an intruder "DOn't know how you managed to get past the the wards but if your not out of here soon I'm going have to get all crazy angel on your butt!"
[20:51] You: Christine stares at the heavily muscular and tatooed man and wonders if he can hear her or not maybe underneath that hair he got his ipod on. She thinks she might just take her personal permanent marker and walk up behind him and see if she can write something stupid on his back. 'I'm deaf and dumb and realize I shouldn't mess with Angry Angels"
[20:55] You: Christine walks up and stand in front of him and stares into his orange brown eyes "Drugged or Drunk I should have guess" she says to herself
[20:57] You: She takes out her Permanent Marker "Well your not violent so I'm not going to smite you like I should she tells the zombie acting man, "But this is so you remember not to come back here uninvited" She starts to draw a mustache and gotee on his face
[20:59] You: She steps back and admire her work and has to laugh "Your luck y I don't have a wig and some glue you would really not like that
[21:03] You: Christine is both annoyed that this drugged out man is so oblivious to what is happening around him that she was able to draw on his face without waking him up. "God you are pissing me off' She says to him, then she unbluckles his belt and unbuttons his pants and ease them down his legs. "Nice boxers wonder what you got hidden under there" She says to him in a teasing sarcasticly way
[21:06] You: Pulling a small knife out of her back pocket she cuts the waistband of his shorts and continue to follow the cut all the way down the leg letting the boxer drop into a heap on the floor, with a big smile on her face she looks down at his junk then back up at him, "Not bad" "Bet it looks even better when you got it pumped up sorry that is not going to happen tonight" She takes her marker and starts to draw again, "I'm a big dick with no brains!" then drew a smilie face on the end of his penis
[21:09] You: Well I guess I'll leave you like this and wen you wake up Oh yea, She pulls out her marker again Christine Drachios was here she wrote with the marker on his forehead. "Nice meeting you jerkoff " "Have a good day" Laughing she puts her marker away and walk out of the room.

Blueray Darkes said...

hahahaha xD