Thursday, 31 December 2009

New challenges

Roaming is something I missed doing, being stuck in one place for almost two years begins to grate on one. Specially if you led, then led again to leave leadership and return to a normal post. This is what happened and I don't really mind, I will forever know the innerworkings but I have realised that due to my current attitude I am no Walker. I went Caster and have happily stayed there wiling away my days, inputting when I needed to input helping out when I needed to help. Also at my present state of being in a rutt and being flawed, I am no leader and thus require no such role to occupy my time.

What does a demon do with too much time on her hands?

Prey has been in short supply as of late, since I am no longer bound to the island so I spent time in LA. Here I have had the fortune of new challenges, new foes, new admirers and new enemies to get to grips with. I have grown to feel I belong in this shell's family and thus I have stayed, the officiers and the leaders are all well tuned in to eachother. Something that a good family has well oiled team, reminds me of the family back home. Yeah... Toxia is still home in my view, LA is like a good vacation.

Brutality is a thing I am familar with its been all around me, I also have had the oppurtunity to deliver my own brand of pain upon the grand total of two victems so far. That and I scare the hell out of a couple of neko girls, two brand new scare toys for me to harress for my own amusement. Never judge a book by its cover, they found that out when I went full demon on their asses.

Chaos, blood, violence I find it here in great abundence, there is always a task to do if we so wish to do so when we're bored. Over the last few days I have fed well, the overload making my mind break in to its insanity. I have noticed also during my stay here that Dr.Stein is a very busy man, not only does he have the blonde thing to look after but he does a great amount of work for the undead here. Keeping them together mostly but he has competation from the flesh crafters in the ranks, regular ole medicine and experimenation verus the magikal art of crafting flesh. I much prefer a blade and my hands to do my work, I always was a hands on kinda girl its about to get me in to trouble.

That poor human girl I tore apart, she's now in the ranks of undead. Oh my the future will be fun, first I have to deal with the full moon if I step foot in LA tonight.

New Year's Eve... Full moon... Dendra wants out...

Lulz of the day:

[13:03] Nebiros Outlander would point out if his mouth is occupied, he cant sing.
[13:08] Celtic Destiny has the decision made then
[13:09] Blueray Darkes shoves a sock in Neb's mouth
[13:09] Blueray Darkes: See? Now its occupied
[13:10] Celtic Destiny: ?me thinks Blue is juust the shit from this point on and forever
[13:10] Blueray Darkes laughs

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