Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Monster revealed

A day ago we had some human supernatural in our base, chained down to the table and in the name of medical research I brutilised them. Odd that she suddenly became a he but then this is Toxia, and for once around my family I could shed the mask. I revelled in dishing out the breakages, the cuttings and they were around me watching with predatory grins. Flesh is a design the unified voice whispered, flesh is weak and so are the ones we experiment on.

Its been far too long since I talked about technique, Fareabel and myself had one of those talks to see if we could out do eachother. I enjoyed it and I was finally able to show my true nature to my family, though I think that underneath some of them perhaps hate me or fear me for it.

Yesterday though.............. Yesterday my sisterwife on her own request was turned vampire by Pieter, and all of Kaira's damn white fur pissed me off so I shoved her in to Picket's spilled blood. Ooh and that got the little kitty chained to the alter by Picket, and subsequently tortured by her and by myself. Nothing as satisfying as hearing someone scream in agony when you caused it, I think her mind broke before her spirit and will did. This is good for then she will be another monster, something akin to myself and yet I know she will come for me. I'm not afraid let her come, let her enjoy doing to me what I did to her. Pieter healed her though gifted her again, one more chance to walk with Shadows.

You can throw yourself in to the place where you are, but is it truely where you want to be?

I am the monster revealed no longer in hiding, time turns and I bide my time. I have helped create a monster, I will nurture her hate as I have nurtured mine.

Lulz of the day:

[9:49] Picket McDonnell's Tentacle Pet: Oh my FUCKING GOD! You didn't just poke me in the EYE?!?!?! DAMNIT! Does that LOOK like a cock to you, Skyler! Jeeeeeze that HURT!

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