Saturday, 8 August 2009

Things that happened

Stupid little upstarts...

They will all be crushed eventually either by her or others, she was hoping they would get bored with their rantings. Carry on ranting it only brings more cybers to her door, more cybers for her to recruit and more for the rogues to say she has enslaved.

I had begun to wander the streets once more, to get away from being cooped up in that empty place. I have also sheparded more cybers in some of them new, some of them returning faces in a sea of familar people who returned. Fareabel and Terrox came home at last, but the leadership is still mine. I do not lead with a heavy heart or with a misconcieved perception, I protect my family as I have protected my old one when I was in their ranks.

More often than not I walk alone as always, stricken with my own awkardness and heavy mortality. Sickening this knowledge knowing that I will die again, yet striving to make myself immortal with techonology.

At least recently I been feeling more like my old self, I have weedled out deals either by sheer lieing or being devious. I like that being sneaky saying one thing to then do another, I still had my old skills and no one would know any better. Simply because people trust me more...... Odd city this.

On a side note I suppose I have watched the start of Pilgrim's fall and corruption, just as I said it would happen even when she denied such an event would occur. More the fool of the angel then, more righteous they are the harder they fall anyway. I like watching, when I'm not parcipating. I'm an observer, like my Walker days.

Speaking of notes.....

I remember back when I was a wolf prowling the streets, doing Janvier's bidding though he was really Belial possessing Janvier. Confusing no? Not to me not now, maybe then a bit but I learned since then. I was sent to bring back a human and not just any human, a Righteous one called Vishous. Like myself she became a great Shadow, like myself she became a demon. Yesterday she had it all torn from her she was made human, ripped from everything she had come to know and love. Everything... Sounds familar something I can relate to. Hopefully though Vishous will find herself, maybe stay on the old path maybe go on a new one.

Full circle

Pity mines an oblong.

Lulz of the day:

[17:16] Picket McDonnell giggles and says "I think you like your waffles as much as I like my twinkies" she puts a hand up and says "until they are creamfilled goodness... I'll pass"
[17:16] Blueray Darkes: Try looking in his pants then
[17:16] Picket McDonnell: ha!
[17:16] Keaton nearly chokes

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