Thursday, 27 August 2009


Shattered from being upset, all raged out and pretty much sunk in to a rut. I took the human route of drinking down my sorrows, I was mad at Picket and proberly would be for a while. Mad at the stupid angel who fed her his stupid addictive blood, I hated the world and everything in it but that was nothing new at all.

Inside the Haven I gathered up the bottles of vodka drinking them one by one, emptying their burning contents down my throat. I became perfectly blissfully drunk back when I drank after the dungeon event, only I had no dumbass traitor Kumori yelling at me to stop. I think I talked about how idiotic Vulcan was with some guy who was there, someone who admitted to being a Shadow and left before Janvier took over. When I blurted out about going to Coven to get Skyler bought back, he was fucking upset that the vampire was dead and gone. Well duh its why I been drinking.....

I walked or well staggered to the Pit to find a newly spawned demonic Skyler in the lava, I cried then cried like a stupid, drunk human and told him if I could mean it I would tell him I was sorry. Those words have no meaning because I can't feel the emotion behind them, for once I actually wished I could mean it because I failed my brother. *Even if I do want to jump his bone* He didn't understand most of what I said, but he looked sad and kept saying sorry. I told him it was me who failed to look after him, and he just disagreed with me I took him home with me to the factory.

Gods if only I had Pieter here now I wouldn't be such a mess, I kept Skyler with me til he wandered off to the Haven to dance as if its the only thing he could remember to do. I think all I needed was some comfort but I wouldn't turn to my wife for it, and Pieter was on the other plain he goes to; to recharge. I was alone, lost and drunk so I dragged my sorry ass home, looks like I got my work cut out for me to teach Skyler how to shift shape. Good times and at the factory I drank some more, celebrating by myself one big fucking mess... I'm gonna be...

*the rest seems to be squiggly lines as if the writer, had tried to carry on writing and passed out while doing so*

Lulz of the day:

Somewhere along the line mentioning cake and fat kids, brought us to the conclusion that Orcs have sex with baby goats then turn them in to stew! o.o

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