Saturday, 15 August 2009

There is a dawn even when its not seen

Righteous again, the Righteous impaling Jason upon the spike outside the church. Not many months ago it was a Righteous, who had tied a rope around Jason's neck and hung him. I used a lot of energy and effort in to the ritual circle, I used my blood and Dev's I ripped off Dev's wings. It was I and the Shadows who lent their energy, that bought Jason back from Hell and to have that almost wrecked by a hot headed wolf.

Lets say I was not amused at all and I was angry at the fact, that so much work would be so easily wiped out. In protest I made it my personal issue I faced Martko, we agreed to meet up later when neither of our families could be dragged in or have interference from Pix.

I stood waiting in the late hours of the night with what few stars I could see in the Toxian sky, atop the Private Dick building until Martko arrived. We discussed the situation of what had occured, another person telling me to cut my ties to the past. It was long winded and my original violence had receeded in to quiet seething, he understood where I was coming from unlike that idiot Pix. I made him offer me a favour that I can call in at anytime and in any fashion, he agreed to this and offered me a blue rose that I briefly cherised since nothing lasts here.

Once he was gone I turned my attention to the church, I was right that if Pieter wanted to he would be back for more trouble. How amusing and funny that the Righteous were running around the whole city, looking for something that could be even remotely considered as Pieter's weakness. Funny considering the very thing they sought was more often than not right under their very nose, if pilgrim had any sense in that sponge head of hers with the knowledge she sucks up she would know. Hadn't I told her the story of Pieter and myself? Has not the residents of the city, seen me often by his side despite my current loyalities? Why did our jibing of provoking pilgrim in the church not trigger a sudden conclusion?

Let them look for his weakness for I know it well.

On the subject of Pieter it has occured to me that at the times he wants me I was not willing, and the times I severely ached for my Lord he was too tired. In this respect I feel that our times may not match up again for many months, and will conclude at some point at a later date as it had back in December. Though I rarely take lovers to my bed but when I do I'm still picky on who I choose, that and Picket sometimes is forceablly violent to those who she doesn't approve. (So few so very few). I don't choose her lovers, but she chooses mine... Then again I am tired of making my own mistakes, and perhaps in some small fashion she helps me avoid that. I do not think I can stop loving my Lord anymore than he can stop loving me, and in that last statement I have announced his weakness.

Lulz of the day:

[20:15] Jarne Corvale looks up and around at the people gathered, “There is something wrong with this girl.” he says in a loud voice, the type of one saves for public speaking, “And I believe the only thing that can cure her is my penis.”

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