Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Teaching the novice

Arthores Faulkes pulls out a rusty dull knife looking up to the man as he pulls his boot off and slowly presses the knife into the bottom of his foot slowly riping apart the skin as blood starts to trickle down the blade onto his hand, he starts pulling the dull blade twards the front of his foot as it dosnt cut to well but rips through his flesh

Rau Ninetails: Soo.. You got Alot of mutts on there way here

Grid Fall clenches his teeth, the blade slitting his foot open like a fish.. But still remains quiet.. Simply glaring at Art.

Blueray Darkes twitches her wings sniffing the air a mix of blood and iron, she narrows her eyes as Rau approaches them. "Figures... however we have Skyler". Holds her ground watching Thor begin his task upon the mutt, "Fucking Pack".

Arthores Faulkes looks down to Rau as he continues riping the knife through the bottom of the mutts foot "really now?"

Skyler Hennesy looks around "When did we become the pound?"

Rau Ninetails: Since you Got that guy on the hook
Rau Ninetails yawns

Blueray Darkes: Its a good chance for you to slaughter them all?

Rau Ninetails shrugs
Rau Ninetails ehems "there whole plan Is to Distract you and keep you away from the Captive long enough to Get him free

Arthores Faulkes pulls the dull knife out of the bottom of the mutts foot as he reaches around the back near his heal and jabs the knife in behind his achiles tendon and start tuging the knife to start sawing through the tendon, as he takes his other hand and jams a finger inside the open wound on the bottom of his foot and starts riping out little pices of flesh

Blueray Darkes nods, "Thanks Rau"

Arthores Faulkes: im not leaving the captive so there pretty dumb if they think that plan is going to work

Blueray Darkes waves a hand at Thor, "Just continue with your work, I'm sure my brother has been itching for a fight".

Arthores Faulkes: oh thats what i planned on doing Blue, maybe a few of them would get to catch a glimps of me tortureing him

Rau Ninetails Streatches abit" ill offer my Assistance to.... Since its abunch of Half breeds were Dealing with

Blueray Darkes grins to her as she flicks her wings slilghtly, "Most welcome".

Skyler Hennesy: If we get interrupted, I want this toy broken to pieces if he's about to get rescued.

Rau Ninetails Twitches her ear "Actually... With abit of Assitance.. I can Stop them before they even act...

Skyler Hennesy nods "Let's go then."

Blueray Darkes: Walk in the Shadows

Skyler Hennesy: Remember, the toy gets broken regardless.

Arthores Faulkes: ok so if they come here wile you are away just rip him apart?

Blueray Darkes: Yes

Arthores Faulkes: alright

Blueray Darkes holds up a hand, "Watch". She firmly grabs the big toe on his left foot, with a hiss she jerks her wrist snapping the toe backwards with a sickening crunch. Calmly she waited for a few moments before moving to the one beside it, again she jerks her wrist hearing the snap of the bone. Her eyes blazed, "Wait for a while between each, it refreshes the pain upon the old". She groans softly breaking the rest of the toes in the same fashion.

Grid Fall clenches his jaws, feeling the touch of an experienced 'artist'.. He bites down on his tongue for something to take his mind off the pain, blood dripping from his mouth as his head turns red from his concentration. He still remains silent.

Arthores Faulkes nods to Blue watching her carefully as she works

Arthores Faulkes: so kinda like this then?

Blueray Darkes: Wait a minute

Arthores Faulkes: ok.

Blueray Darkes clenches her right fist and punches the broken toes with a sort of gleefull yell, she begins again with the other foot shivering all over as she listened to each bone snapping one by one with her own doing.

Arthores Faulkes smiles with joy as he watches Blue inflect pain on the mutt

Grid Fall cringes, noticably in pain but mocks her. "That all you got, slut?"
Grid Fall cackles like an insane person, knowing he is fucked anyway.

Blueray Darkes grins wickedly up at the mutt, "I happen to be hungry". She leans forwards taking the big toe in to her mouth sucking on it softly, she bit down with her fangs tearing in to the flesh and literally ate the digit off his foot. "Now Thor, your turn".

Arthores Faulkes nods

Grid Fall cringes, but is slightly turned on by the gesture, giving her a pain filled wink.. Still clenching his jaw.

Arthores Faulkes grasps the back of his foot pulling it to lock his leg in place as he takes his other hand baling it into a fist pulling his arm back and swings his arm as his fist smashes into his locked knee smaching it feeling the knee shatter benith his hand

Grid Fall grunts, his leg swinging freely now as his muscles are rendered useless.. He then lowers his head and lunges it towards art, still hanging from the hook. He shoots him an intense glare and laughs, spit spraying onto art's face. "Fuckin pussy.." Grid Fall shakes slightly as his body tries to go into shock, holding it back with his mental training as he continues to glare at art.

Blueray Darkes nods to him, "Crude but effective". Humming the tune of ~I'm a little teapot~ she pulled out her mallet from her shadow that cackled as she did so, begining to sing the song in full her voice somewhat angelic despite her appearence. "I'm a little teapot short and stout, here's my HANDLE", on that word she swung her mallet smashing it in to the knee Thor didn't break, she laughed between moaning like she was getting something out of this. "Here's my spout, when you hear me crying pick me up and pour me out".

Grid Fall laughs insanely, numb from pain as his body is on the edge of shock.. His legs swinging in unnatural positions, having no control over them what so ever. His eyes glazing over with rage.. His body trying to transform but too injured.

Arthores Faulkes takes a hammer and laughs as the mutt spits on his face, swings the hammer around a few time be taking it and smashing it aginst his pelvis being able to feel it shatter through the handle of the hammer

Grid Fall twitches at the hammer, tilting his head at art. "You hit like a girl."

Arthores Faulkes: he makes this fun.

Grid Fall cackles, losing control of his lycan side as his face contorts slightly.. His teeth sharpeneing and extended as he growls at art.. Animal instincts beginning to kick in.

Blueray Darkes leaps up on to the rope with her wings outstreched to full width, flexing her right hand she had dropped her own mallet and was now digging at his shoulder with her claws. Literaly scooping flesh out with them she was insane, her mouth clamped on the wound to suck up the blood even as the victem began to change. Her own growl rumbled in her throat with animalistic tendacies in it, her blue and yellow eyes glowed fiercely. Blue sank her fangs in to the wounded shoulder and began eating chunks out of him, her snarl low in her throat as she ate him alive.

Arthores Faulkes walks around behind the hanging mutt as he takes the hammer swings it down upon the bottom of his spine crushing it and the tailbone then swings the hammer back around to the other side of his pelvis feeling the bones crack and split as he laughs at the guy winceing in pain he sets the hammer down grabing his knife again jabing it into the side of his knee as he rips his shattered knee cap off his leg watching the blood trickle down his leg.

Grid Fall darts his head at blue, returning the snarl as saliva drips from his canines.. He manages to shrug her off and let out a deafening howl.. The wound she inflicted effecting him shortly afterwards as he whines slightly, struggling on the hook. Grid Fall feels the crack of his spine, falling limp.. The only thing he is able to move is his eyes.. Unable to even make sounds.

Arthores Faulkes looks to the left and nods to blue "there an intruder". Arthores Faulkes: never mind he ran

Blueray Darkes drops to the floor in an animal like pose, her fangs covered in blood she voiced her own howl to echo around the Pit. Once she was werewolf and her blood still remembered, her mind was still human in a way. Her claws extended further she snarled louder, leaping to his other shoulder her fangs going in to the flesh. Closing her mouth she snapped her head backwards tearing a large mouthful with her movement, she swallowed the meat without chewing her own instincts were flared making her eyes glow brillently. Her attention focused for a while before she hisses, clamping her mouth around Grid's ear and eating it off the side of his head, clambering around him to feast the other one off before dropping back down.

Grid Fall remains still, darting his eyes back and forth as a muffled sound manages to escape his throat.

Arthores Faulkes looks up hearing him still trying to talk he grasps the hammer once again jumping into the air to reach his mouth and swings the hammer around to smash aginst his jaw shattering it and knocking his teeth out and blood spools out from his now broken mouth, he grabs his dull knife once more covered in blood climbs up the mutt and pulls his tonge streatching it out as he takes the dull knife and starts to slowly cut through it with the dull jagged part of the knife finially riping it off the rest of the way and tosses it to blue incase she wants to eat it.

Grid Fall is unable to muster up any more strength, giving in and not resisting any longer.

Blueray Darkes snatches the tongue chewing on it as she shakes her head to re-focus her primal thoughts, "Get him down, take him away now. Anymore he will die for sure". She stood up dusting her clothes off yet just smearing the blood over them, the glow of her eyes dieing down. "Dump him somewhere anywhere I don't care".

Lulz of the day:

[10:33] Blueray Darkes turns in to Katana and uses "BABYALITY" on Pieter
[10:38] Pieter Seelowe turns into a dragon and chomps blues head off "ANIMALITY"
[10:39] Kytara Dagger eeps and hides.
[10:39] Grom Prevost gives Pieter a shiny red box as a flaming skull pops out of it and scares him to death, "FRIENDSHIP!"
[10:41] Blueray Darkes: ROFL

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