Monday, 4 August 2008

Swift update

I spent a good chunk of the night resting from my sexual ordeal, though I had been well fed over those twenty four hours my appetite was still insatiable. I spent a day or two causing my usual mayhem, or just chatting with those contacts I have in other groups. I had taken it upon myself to make Rago my pet, but I think he disliked being called Bitchboy by my sister Picket so he left me. Not that I'm fussed, I still own him.

My most recent endevour is mind control, I had learnt it rather rapidly so my control was shakey at best. Yet I had managed to gain mastery over Terrox and Rayden, I set them out to do tasks for me against their will. Rayden was defeated by the one I sent him against, a rather annoying vampire who was abusing me for my lack of decent fighting skills. Okay fine so I'm not the best, but I didn't become a Shadow or an Illimunati by mere fighting. In response the one attacked sent my own brother Drake to attack me, and I merely whipped him in to utter defeat and Mash told me about a Voodoo skull staff. Interesting.

So far I had Terrox destroy his own Cyberbase computer, attack the Righteous and refrain from defending his family against Thor. Unfortunantly while I was in the Pit the control I had over Terrox had been broken, it came at a bad time as I was unstable telling some family members about a certain journal page Aaryanna had found. Busy day that day we had three potentials come to be tested, hence why Thor was attacking Cybers and I found it funny.

I finished yesterday off by taking to spend some time with Hitaroki.

Kaine is a Lich now, like we needed another one..... Bah!

Lulz of the day:

[19:16] Blueray Darkes: Hmm my blood is more potent than Jan's
[19:16] Blueray Darkes: :P
[19:16] Janvier Redgrave: pssh...NEVA!
[19:16] Janvier Redgrave: :P
[19:16] Blueray Darkes: Accept it!
[19:16] Blueray Darkes: XD
[19:16] Janvier Redgrave: NEVA!!!
[19:16] Blueray Darkes ties him to a bed
[19:17] Janvier Redgrave: THIS IS HOW YOU TREAT YOUR DADDY?!
[19:17] Janvier Redgrave: ///hmm...ya know...I don't mind it too much XD

Extra Lulz:

[14:48] DCS2 2.32 Grom Prevost OOC: Okay peeps, I gotta bounce for a bit. I'll see ya round like a donut, cause I'm out like a fat kid in dodgeball

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