Thursday, 12 November 2009

Quick update.. *sigh*

Yep yep one of those weeks, and damn I'm late at updating again but whatever. Its my journal and I'll update when I want to, simple as that anyone that doesn't like it... I will eat their face like I ate Pilgrim's face.

On to the quick update for whatever I haven't put in here yet.

Maki bit me went crazy from my blood, ate Pilgrim's face and made her sick. Fight with Martko round two, I ended up with a smashed in face and one tenticle missing. On the upside he got my blood on him and went crazy. Fed a vampire some of my blood that she took willingly, had some weird man hunt my ass down and he never found me.

Halloween saw the city people being the polar oppersite of what they were, Pieter was an angel and Kash was Jesus. Doctor Stein was a pimp... Jesus made the nun Suyuan masturbate with a crucifix.

Tom died and went to Hell leaving his shell empty, opened up Hellgate used family members energies and thoughts to get him back. Cursed Suyuan to have a penis and a constant erection, payback for making Kash have a vagina and a period for something he did to her that she enjoyed.

Tangled with Doc. He sought me out for payback and tried to look tough, played it off then the THING interrupted. Stein caught up with me to force me to give him respect, he earned it by all rights and has it now for evermore. Fucking human is agile even when he is healing, bloody bastard that he is.

Feeling of demise sweeps the city's nations, odd behavour from Pix and other individuals. A strange email shows up and some odd writing, clues elude to something big happening. On going process to make chaos and trouble, church doesn't like me I'm dubbed the ruthless Shadow... I'm happy.

Long live the Shadows, now recruiting dark peoples.

Lulz of the day:

Jules Carami: You can't clone Blue cos there is only one, everything is just an off color

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