Monday, 23 November 2009

Spiraling in to insanity

I never thought I'd go as far to say, I think I am mad completely mad. In this moment of lucidity I will write this entry, before I end up sinking back in to the insanity that has claimed me. There has been far too much chaos recently, I feed on it to fuel myself but I can't stop the intake I'm overfed. My own blood I think is also finally affecting me, the madness that it causes when in those not immune is now consuming my mind. I also got sucked in to this portal where the Toxic Queen was coming out from, that place where she is so fractured and chaotic I was overloaded to the point of losing my own mind.

Also hanging around with crazy people doesn't help me at all, Stein is rubbing off on me everytime I find myself stable he cracks and I go back in to the abyss alongside him. Two god damn lunatics one who thrives on all things medical, the other a hellbent creature intent on destroying the living things around them in any way possible. What a wonderful combination, with no boundries placed on me at all my violence leaks out more than usual.

~I want to break you~

I understand what Janvier meant by the weakness of the mind, for each of his children it has been different from himself. I can now recall the mental states that affected them all, accept Picket was always sort of nutty anyway. I suppose now that insanity is contagious, I'll enjoy this new wave of freedom and explore it to the fullest. I do love to learn.

The Queen is out and rampaging around the City, her children are out and rampaging. Chaos grows thicker by the second and by the minute, the blood flows along the streets and this madness, this insanity has once more been bought down on us by Dimentox. Why can't that guy stay buried? I don't think I can write anymore, I think I'm going to go back in to the derangement.

~I want to break you~

Lulz of the day:

[19:45] DCS2 2.46.1: Jax Stryker OOC: *makes a mental note*
[19:46] DCS2 2.46.1: Blueray Darkes OOC: *slaps Jax sane*
[19:46] DCS2 2.46.1: Jax Stryker OOC: *...blinks. Has a sudden urge to talk about politics and have a coffee with one sugar and two creams*
[19:47] DCS2 2.46.1: Blueray Darkes OOC: Okay that just made me want to kill you
[19:47] DCS2 2.46.1: Jax Stryker OOC: <3

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