Thursday, 19 November 2009

Round three! DING DING

For whom the bell tolls...

A saying often used for purposes to signal death, either through a battle or natural causes. The bell tolled for me long ago, I mean I'm dead I don't really care about losing my shell. Essence goes to Hell and it can be pulled back, I wonder who would pull me back or could I do it on my own.

Martko challenged me to round three of our little contest, this time he was prepared with a sword imbued with holy power. So I too came prepared on top of the cinema with my own hammer, imbued and tainted with demonic energy and two different forms of blood.

The ultimate clash!

We fought in the pouring rain like kungfu fighting with our weapons, me with my dragon headed hammer and him with his sword. No idea where the rain came from. There was this one moment when we made a shockwave, all pretty colours and a large dust cloud. Watch anime that will give you a good thing to match it up with. Ugh.

Holy weapons hurt thats what they are intended to do, to burn and sear when the wound is already healed. Its never on the surface it sort of lingers inside, to cause agony beyond anything you thought possible. Like the holy water blood from Cid after I tore his face off, my stomach hurt so much that I barely left the Pit for a day and half.

I won this round or did I? I know I won the second one even with a smashed in face, cos I heard he was crying in the church from the visions caused by my blood. I did warn him this time not to make me bleed, I even infected a kitty cat a few days ago serves him right for asking for my blood. HA. Martko I think was more messed up than I was, I crawled home again writhing in pain to the volcano. I rested inside the lava to heal from the holy damage I recieved, til a noisey fucking bike woke me up.

Bloody fucking Imps need to learn their place, specially Imps that are not Shadows.

Lulz of the day:

[23:58] Big Kuhr: I need some badass nipple rings, where do I go to buy em
[23:59] Dracon Dyszel: this is gonna sound so fucked up Big but ask my mom

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