Wednesday, 11 February 2009


[Warning: Contains scenes of a sexual nature :P]

Okay there are two Priests roaming the streets, one that is for Dagon and one that is against Dagon. The one against desires to have recruits who it will pick of its own choosing, unfortunately that has led up to us losing our Lord and Nikita to the Priest. While Lorne and Kishi endeavour to gather information researching this, Dante has taken it upon himself to proclaim himself a temperary Lord. I decided to let him as it has been often or not the Guardian's place to do just that, and I have been in and out of the city a lot recently.

Pieter... How was I to know something was not right? I hugged him as I always do and he drained me, at the same time Quiet drained Aaryanna. Father also returned to the city I had heard rumours, he was looking for family for some reason and my first thought was perhaps do me harm. Luckily my true self was showing to prove that I am a daughter of Janvier, he was impressed of how I looked how I shaped the shell I inhabit. Even my father is no match for the possessed Pieter, we will get our Shadows back.

So it seems the city is a battle ground, the epicenter of some ancient war that is older than the hatred between wolf and vampire. Nothing surprises me anymore.

Dream sequence

Inside her shadow doth the blue demoness lay, curled tight with tail tucked between her legs. If seen one would deem that perhaps she lay as if inside an egg, her nature quelled in the depths of dreaming her features of angelic beauty possessive of a smile. Oh fiend, oh monster, creature of base desires of no morals, the perfect abomination fashioned by the corrupt city. Yet it is in this time hidden from the world, that anything of her human self utterly shattered as it was would show. Unstable in mind during her waking hours masking her intelligence, it was here in slumber when everything settled to allow her true freedom. Freedom from the burden of appearing strong, freedom to be a woman first and a demon second.

Briefly stirring she shifted in her sleep a murmer of the hunger that raked her, both the need of her stomach and of her demanding body. In answer to the silent call a figure loomed beside, tall of stature and seemingly muscular the form taut. Masculine in shape with no discernable features, he is the faceless stranger of her dreams. He moved silently no sound at all betrayed him, he knelt placing one knee between her legs to ease them apart his over beside her right leg. Gently his hands reach for her tail soothing the palms over the scales, in response it uncurled away from her body. Easing his knee against her crotch he rubbed it over the area, a sound of amusment rumbled in his throat when she went on to her back. Too easy.

Good thing Blueray slept naked and he was also unclothed, he looked down to see his knee that was now slightly damp. Using both his hands he widen her legs apart further, now laying on his stomach his head where his knee cap had been. He lightly spread her pussy lips in a fashion suggestive of parting flower petals, tender fingers held her open while his tongue slavered a path over her clit. Above him the demoness moaned her eyes fluttering open, she knew she was dreaming thus she had no sense of panic. Perfect he thought flicking circles to make her clit swell further, when he drove his tongue up inside his mouth clamped upon the sensetive flesh. A gasp broke from her rolling past her lips, unbidden sounds of pleasure and her hips bucked against him. Gripping his hands upon those hips he pinned her down, burying his tongue in deep to taste her liquid center. He did not relent in his taking of her, his teeth lightly nipped and teased his tongue a tool of desire licking her most teasured places. She burst like a bubble being poked, he drank her down every drop.

Turning on her side once he let her go she stared at him, he was on his knees fingers curled around his now hardened shaft. Slowly he stroked his length tempting the woman to come to him, when she knelt before him he stood to rub his cock tip over her trembling lips. Her own tongue long of reptillian nature lashed out to lick the underside of his length, he shuddered giving her joy of one small moan that prompted her. Sliding him in to her silken mouth her tongue coils about the width, her lips encircled him completly and drew him in further. He appeared helpless now lost in his own ectasy, he grips the top of her head with a hand and thrusts in to her warm mouth. Forced to take him she slashes her claws dowh his hips that drove madder, her coiled tongue squeezed as it soothed along his heated skin. Fangs came in contact with his tip, softly grazing enticing to spin him out of control til he bucked unable to stop. Drawing back her tongue she snaked its way in to his slit, tenderly sucking to give him pleasure as he had her. No longer could he be contained that with a cry, he unloaded down the back of her throat before pulling away. A few more strokes of his hand he spilled more upon her supple breasts, she purred in earnest her hunger not yet sated.

Growling feircly his erection non abaiting he forced Blueray to all fours, behind her he knelt grabbing her hips and brutally entering his cock in to her. She was willing she was ready the passage easy, the tight vice of flesh instinctivly tightening sucking him in. Laying over her back he snarls again begining a steady, hard yet slow pace seeking to go deep within her, he surged forwards sheathing himself inside her to pull back only to thrust in her. Rhythemtic it was and she picked the motion up easily, using her own body to move in time with his becoming a unision of lust. Both their cries were heard as they sought to please one another, her claws scoring the ground while his nails raked along her sides. His teeth found her neck he bit her, elicting a louder cry and he drove in to her faster, harder. Heat of their bodies becoming almost unbearable skin against skin, it all felt terrible good causing each sensation each spark of passion to build in them. With stiffening muscles, arching back she threw back her head to howl while her orgasm broke and gushed, crashing through her like an ocean wave breaking against a sandy beach. He joined her once her undulating inner walls massaged his cock, filling her with his hot seed as she milked him dry of all he had.

They fell together in a panting heap, legs entangled about one another. Still inside he moves against her, she groans full from the meal full of him. She let him take her let him slide in and out of her, she wraps herself around him moving to be on top to ride.....

Morning breaks I wake fullfilled by who or by what, a dream just a dream it had to be. I can go a few more days without feeding though, I used my last soul stone... Still just a dream but it felt so real, I haven't had a dream like that in years. I enjoyed it.

[My writing is lame XD]


Joah Menjou said...

Joah coughs politely and wonders why these things always seem to happen in dreams.

Blueray Darkes said...

Blueray declares that these dreams rocks her socks

Denenthorn said...

Just blinks....