Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Re-live the nightmare

DanteInferno. The bane of my past existance, one of the two wolves who shoved me along this path of shadow.

He dared to return to Toxia to taunt me for the crimes commited against me, he dared to allow another fight me when I wanted his head on a platter. Dante was beaten by Delrith ever the stick in my cog of plans, yet today he was a blessing in disguise but I couldn't leave without closure. A closure that I never got as I burnt up the body parts Dante returned to me, a closure that will never happen as I threw my fire of rage at him.

Dante: You just couldn't leave it alone could you?
Blueray: Call it a parting gift
Dante: In that case... this is a parting gift.

Oh Lucifer if I never had to have heard those words, what I would fucking do not to have heard him speak at all. When my tormenter left his pet cat stayed to tell me, that I will never kill Dante not while I hated so much. I let them both go, I didn't have a choice. The world around me was no longer there, I didn't see the path I took even as I stumbled home. He left me to re-visit what he had done to me, the vision the pain the internal break down.

Myriam handed the leash over to a Pack member she had found, she was speaking how they might appreciate the gift of a Shadow associate. The wolf nodded wrapping the leash around his hand as he yanked it to make me stumble forward, he replied he was grateful that the traitor was now in their hands. All I did was glare at them all with my hands binded in front of me, and my muzzle taped shut with the ducktape to prevent me from using my fangs. The wolf who then dragged me as I dug my heels in, I learned he was called Dante and mated to Quillis. The other wolf behind me shoved his hands in to my back as I fought to stay in place, I stumbled and that gave Dante time to pull me along. He took me to the dungeon.

I was thrown in to the stocks with no care to my body at all, my hands untied so I could be imprisoned in the thing. He tore the tape off my muzzle ripping off fur and whiskers, I snarled in response my fangs on show those deadly tools. He offered me food and water but despite my hunger and thirst I refused his offerings, I simply asked him to let me go that I was no use to him. Dante laughed saying he would tell Quillis of the Ryder gift to the Pack, and what ever she orders he will do. He got closer to my face and I threw myself best I could against the stocks, my shoulders got bashed I could feel the bruisings. I was trying to bite him but he backed up to avoid me, his right fist soon connected with the side of my head. A sharp yelp since it hurt and I grew silent, the world was black for a few blissful moments I had peace.

He woke me up though so I could know what he was doing to me, he had pulled out a knife to cut away my clothes to make me naked. Standing behind me he viewed me placing a finger between my thighs, he noted I wasn't a virgin but I was still un-used in the long run still tight. I lifted up my left leg and kicked him in the stomach, Dante then got some string and tied my ankles to the stocks base. Everytime I struggled the string bit in to my flesh causing me to bleed, I stopped moving and he left me there.

All night, all day. Dante returned to the dungeon that night, I was tired, hungry and dehydrated. All in all I should have had no strength at all to fight back, I was informed that Quillis had ordered him to rape and torture me to break my spirit. He said he would free me only if I became his bitch, and answered to his every whim and order whenever however. I refused I even refused offers of food and water. He watched me carefully while he waited for another Pack member, one that went under the name Keiko who I had seen around before. They both stood in front of me and I snapped at them, in order to stop me from biting Dante put some tube in my muzzle to keep it open. I shoved myself forwards cutting open my shoulders on the wood, the string cut deeper in to my ankles lacerating the muscles and tendons. With my maw kept open Keiko shoved his cock in there to get it hard, I choked on it snarled around it trying to bite while Dante sat on a throne and simply watched. He then ordered the wolf to rape me perhaps my cunt or my ass, Keiko agreed saying he could get harder in either one of my holes.

Dante: Oh and leave your sperm in there

There was nothing done to ease the passage of wolf dick being shoved in to a place that is normally an exit, Keiko had one hand around my tail and another on my waist as he thrust in to me with gusto. He was enjoying this too much enjoying my violation, he pulls out once he came and buries himself in to my pussy forcing himself in. Dante was soon by my side with a dagger in hand, he meticousily made cuts in to my body then he rubbed salt in to them. I screamed best I could with a stuffed up maw, but the sound was muffled so it was removed so they could hear me scream. While Keiko continued to rape me he was given a buttplug covered in barbed wire, it ripped and tore my anus slicing it open the blood ran freely down my thighs. A healing spell was cast it only half healed the injuries, Kishi was here now simply sitting and watching the two work. The buttplug was taken out so that Keiko could take that hole again, a dildo far too big to be inside was placed where he was once. He fucked me without mercy while I cried, Dante mashed that plastic monster in and out so large was it that it pulverised my insides.

Eventually the violation was done with after the two forced me to suck them off, I spat out their semen in retaliation they cut off my ears. The dungeon was raided Krazzy had come to get me out, there had been a few Shadows come and go but none of them stayed like Kishi had. I was almost broken I just stared blankly shuddering in agony, Dante ignored those around him and slashed off my tail then he carved in to my back. His knife went from between my shoulders to cut down to each of my sides, to the base of my spine and sever off a mass of my fur and flesh from the middle of my back. He threw it to the floor where it splatted in a sickening sound, he warned Krazzy and Ryders to stay back as he poured salt on to the fresh open wound. Krazzy hellbent on getting me free attacked the two rapists, and Dante soon had a mallet in his hands and smashed my ankles eliciting more agnoised howls from me. I was grafetul no more than grateful to the pill I recieved from Kishi that knocked me out, I awoke barely sane in a hospital bed shaking, crying and uttering the words that I will die before I will break.

I re-lived the whole thing inside my head, in vivid recreation that my nightmares lacked. I could feel the pain of all that had happened to me, and my mind was breaking from the torment. Delrith spared me though after all that I have done to him he spared me, releasing me from the personal Hell I had been placed in to. I won't ever say it to his face though, but I thank him for his small mercy.

Lulz of the day:

[19:09] Carlos Bosatsu: im coming hold on D:
[19:10] Blueray Darkes: Jerk faster
[19:10] Picket McDonnell: hahahaha
[19:10] Carlos Bosatsu: screw you! XD
[19:10] Blueray Darkes: He walked in to that one

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