Sunday, 13 July 2008

Mental trauma

Its not written by her hand, it seems to be hers but its shadey at best. Her shadow has her journal open, writing down the past mental trauma her owner has had.

The last few days had been hard for Blueray, she had achieved one of her goals of gaining a seat. Yet with her promotion came new responsibility, something she knew she would be able to handle. It didn't take long for her to pull on the mantle, she had risen through the ranks quickly and made excellent growth. One of few of the newer members to make it so high in so little time, Niv being even newer and already reaching Geist simply with his fighting prowess. Course she wasn't much of a fighter she did her best but she was weak in it, her strengths lay in other areas and thus she was always a great assest to her House.

She sleeps now I watch over her, tossing and turning with those nightmares of hers. Just recently that man I remember him, he trapped her in her mind and I watched helpless as she thrashed on a throne screaming. Its not often she cries its not often she even screams or begs for it to stop, she did that all writhing in whatever agony Hell he put her in to. It urks both of us that Delrith got her out of it, that he alone helped and realised who it was who ruined her completely. She still suffers mentally from the ordeal she was thrust in to, often or not becoming irrate or simply brooding quietly. I think her mind might have fractured a little and if left it would have broken completely, she does so much to try and fix the damage done to herself on her own. She's strong at least she believes that she is, its also not good to worry the rest of the family with her mental health. Specially she got the seat now.

The page is then torn out of the journal and hidden under a cushion of the couch in the Pit, for all the shadow knew it could be find and it wouldn't care. Its information on Blueray and why she is rather tempermental right now, the shade takes it place behind its owner and sighs. ~Why did you follow this path? You should have remembered not to kill with dark intent~

Lulz of the day:

[14:35] DCS2 2.34: Kaine McCallen OOC: im ultra sexy?
[14:35] DCS2 2.34: Jonathon Coage OOC: Was it that Kaine likes date rape?
[14:35] DCS2 2.34: Kaine McCallen OOC: hey.. unconcious girls dont say no.
[14:35] DCS2 2.34: Jonathon Coage OOC: Gah!

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