Saturday, 5 July 2008


Look at what she did to me!!

Abigel that insolent child punished me for partaking in the eating of Nareth, I was just doing my part I wasn't the only one. Yet she turned my hair and tail pink, pink of all the fucking colours I hate she turned me fucking pink.

I was furious at her for this not just for the colour, but for the fact she was being disrespectful to me and to other Shadows. I decided to teach her a lesson especially since she already punched me, such strength she knocked me against a wall broke some of my bones. When I found her I hunted her down since she ran, when I caught her I throttled the little Hellspawn in my anger.

Abigel: You almost killed me well done
Blueray: I could have killed you, but I didn't out of respect for who your father is.
Abigel: So you won't kill me?
Blueray: No but I can still hurt you in minor ways.
Abigel: Are we done now?
Blueray: For now

I let her go and she was rude once more, I ran after her throwing a ninja star at her. It hit her in the leg, she grew traumatised over something not that I cared. Lorne's spawn or not no one gets away with making me pink, and thus she learnt her lesson for the day. There are so many things better than death, so many things I can use to hurt her if she crosses me again.

For the reminder of the day I had to put up with the city people taunting me, asking if I was pregnant or if I was a pregnancy test. The vampire Tony did not help either for I had made him mad on my blood, I prefer it when the crazed vampires shoot at nothing but the demons they alone can see. I made two crazy that day out of mere spite, yes I hate the colour pink.

Lulz of the day:

[21:31] Carlos Bosatsu exhales and yells to her "would you just get out of here already!? Christ you're like the A-bomb, everything's fine everything's cool but the moment you walk in everything dies"
[21:32] Blueray Darkes: Cool

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