Monday, 1 June 2009

Story time

I return as always to the Toxia docks to take my place as the cyber headfigure, weary and tired from fighting yet rejuvenated to a point. With the release of violence that had built up over time, I found a new calm that had no comparision to it. A raging tempest it seems that needs a violent outlet, some things never really do change at all.

As usual no sooner do I step foot in to the factory, I have dark trouble standing there drawing on my window. Getting out of ear shot of Dolce, me and the dark one went to the waters behind the factory. We spoke with great length, then he left me alone with words that echoed with whispered ferocity.

"I never stopped loving you"

A day later I stopped by the church cornered by Pilgram to discuss Delrith and Vishous, I deftly recruited her for my cause without her knowing it. As if in payment I told the curious angel the history of Dimentox and Toxia, from what I have gathered and also from what I have seen. Bless the little Pilgram she lapped it up and asked for more story telling, she asked for the tale about why Pieter and I are so close. I skipped several details to avoid harming her fragile mind, but told her of the things that he and Shadows had done for me. I think the Lord of Shadows went up a notch in the angel's view, but who can really tell what a mutated pigeon thinks anyhow.

I grew bored with the talk that happened afterwards, and wandered off to do my own things.

Lulz of the day:

Blueray Darkes: I r limpet
Nalen Hamer: Gots to be scraped off?
Nalen Hamer hugs
Nalen Hamer: lol
Blueray Darkes: Thats a whatchamacallit
Blueray Darkes cuddles
Nalen Hamer: barnacle?
Blueray Darkes: Yes
Blueray Darkes: I'm a limpet its different to a barnacle
Nalen Hamer: o.0
Blueray Darkes: Picket just went O.o
Nalen Hamer: went 0.o?
Blueray Darkes: Just pasted what happened
Nalen Hamer: to who?
Blueray Darkes: I pasted convo to Picket
Nalen Hamer: about barnacle?
Nalen Hamer: Sometimes your really vague you know that?

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