Wednesday, 10 June 2009



They say she was almost perfect, not quite there but so close to prefection to have it obtained easily in the end. However the ex-demoness had been flawed, the only thing she knew of that made her flawed was emotion.

A human thing a human trait to feel too much and too deep, though it was always her anger that ruled her heart and actions. The need for vengence that drove her, though she showed care to but a few her family she kept great fondness for. Love was a flaw in her own demonic nature, that she would endanger her position and herself to save them. Yes she loved but then all beings have the potential to love, unfortunantly for her she was a bit too open about it.


If she perhaps had less emotion and let her anger, hate and sheer contempt for the scum take her completely, then perhaps she would have been the perfect demon the perfect Shadow. Still flawed as she was she did dedicate her life to them, done exploits that won her renown and hate through out the city; such things she had done and achieved were still spoken about. This was perhaps some good news to her own ears to hear, and the Lord of Shadows still held her in high regard.

Abomination. She knew that she had simply gone from one form of abomination to another, and her desire that was mere greed to return to her old way of life grew to torment her. How she suffered with this on her own finding her own feet, to make the best of the situation using her like of The Continuuim to be their leader. Duty and love do not work together one always has to give, like of something over time can become love to deepen the duty and dedication she now gave to her new family. Blueray is a troubled woman besieged on all sides by past, desire, greed, sorrow, all the guilt she couldn't feel was filled with never-ending loss that made her seriousness seem like a cloud over her head.

Isn't it about time she stopped dwelling on the past? To look forward and forge a future with who and what she had? All the while her body dies from the inside out while the nanites continue to halt, the destruction of her own body cells caused by the infestion of toxins. For all her sins she will never repent or say she was a pure innocent, for all her crimes she would do again over and over.

Reformed... Like fuck.

Completely flawed, but loving it.



Yet fully determined.

Lulz of the day:

Brandon: Didn't you block morons sooner than 2007?
Blueray: No... Those were retarded morons

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