Sunday, 24 May 2009

Zaphod - Part Two

Sunup the next day I pull out a small, tiny cube that unfolded and formed my new favourite weapon. The chainsaw sword that I snatched up and placed on my right hip, I made sure it was secure before heading out to join the small group of cybers. They are all that remains of a pocket of resistance, a few tanks and a few overhead heavy duty guns. Not much of a resistance but these fuckers must have put up a hell of a fight, they were still here despite their numbers dwindling.

"Right then the tortoises are the tanks of their army, take them out first then the rest is easy. Lizards are kamikaze idiots while the snake like ones are the swords people. You deal with what you can, our tanks and guns will take out the big shits". Zaphod told me calmly while all around us gear up, cyber parts of various things clicking and locking in to place. I was impressed by their fighting spirit. "What does that blade of yours do"?

I grin, "It makes giblets".

So we waited for the monsters to arrive a dust cloud on the horizon, in its midst they were there stampeding to us in a blood frenzy. Those things wanted to end our existance for good, but we cybers don't die so easily we live through technology. Flicking out another small cube my moterbike was formed out of it, unsheating my sword I lept on to my bike revved the engine and drove in to battle. I suppose if you know about final Fantasy Seven then you can imagine, that I felt a lot like Cloud Strife right now. Standing on my bike I readied my blade leaping in to the air at the first tanking reptile, however I hadn't expected it to be so damn fast. It knocked me out of the air and using my claws in the ground, I skidded up dirt behind me as I tried to stop my backwards motion. Next time I tried that I used its arm to springboard off, landing on its shoulder and slashing my sword across its throat. It bled to death it fell with a loud, earthshattering crash, I jumped off landing on my own feet.

Splattered with blood I went on the offensive leaping on the dieing carcass, my blade cut and it sang the song of war and blood I killed five of their tanks. By that time I was in my own sort of frenzy I saw nothing but red, I ran in to the midst of those monsters me and my sword we sang together. They retreated away I was breathing heavy, exerted covered in blood....

Zaphod told me well done its time to rest.

My systems shut down.

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