Thursday, 16 April 2009

The hidden monster

Whirr of gears, sound of metal scraping against the ground. Pistons in her new and cumbersome legs groaned in complaint, she walked away from some annoying vampire girl. The cries of "Do you want girl scout cookies"? ringing in her ears behind her, she was heading the small stretch beach that was near the factory. Leaping upwards she landed behind the vampire, her left metal hand lashing out towards her throat gripping around it. Of course vampires don't need to breath but she didn't care it was just to hold her, the cyber woman threw the undead creature to the sand pinning her down with a knee on her chest.

Drawing out her dagger her lips make her grin evily, the vampire girl asking if that is all she has. The blade flashed once under the glint of the dieing sunset, it slid in to the stomach where she began to cut away the flesh. Blood spilled down her sides mixing with the sand under them, still the cyber didn't care using her metal hand to tear away the chunk she had just carved out.

That was when the vampire struck to fight back struggling under the weight of metal and flesh, it was almost too fast to see for an ordinary human but with her enhanced eyes she caught the movement. Her metal wrist smashed against the fangs preventing them from getting near to her throat, punching her on the side of her silly head Blueray shoves her left hand in to the open wound. Tugging out large and small intestines alike dropping them on the ground, the girl tried striking again this time on her right arm. Luckily even though that was all skin and bone she still wore arm guards, can never be too careful in this city of your own form.

With a hiss of pure frustration and anger mostly from the half truths she had been told, she ripped out the vampire's un-used, stomach, liver, kidneys, bladder every organ saving the lungs and heart for last. She crushed the heart in her metal hand as the girl gave up on her existance, picking up her dagger she slashed at the throat the arms the legs. Simply mutilating the corpse for its perfection that she could no longer have, the blood sprayed her since vampires are made mostly of blood instead of water.

Sheathing her dagger Blueray stood her whole front splattered, she once again looked like a macabre thing. Her right hand trails its fingers down her cheek smearing the red stains over her skin, she almost laughed at the fact the thing never screamed. Leaving the area behind her cold, metal eyes were alight with the soft glow of her joy. She had killed and it felt good, there was still some of her old self left. There is no guilt, no remorse, no regret over her horrendous crime.

For those who knew her as she is now, they may never witness the monster she still is. The monster that hides....

Lulz of the day:

[20:07] Blueray Darkes coughs and puts her halo on
[20:08] Sawa Amiot eats Sissy's halo, "Mmm.....tastes like dirty thoughts."

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