Saturday, 3 October 2009

Reborn the Monster

Kaira killed me... Gutted me right there and then on the Pit floor, she had her reason I did torture her a bit on the alter. Killing me? Is that really justified?

~Cut to the part of being well dead~

I looked around in that familar blackness, my body was dead and honestly this was the second time I lost it completely. Fourth death though ha I'm getting a good track record.... Death was there in its male aspect, you ever seen Hades from Greek mythology? He was looking like that not something I normally go for, but meh I was already comfortable with Death so what the fuck ever.

"We really have to stop meeting like this".

"You're telling me"?

Death moved towards me, "It is not time for you to die now is it? Never is since you are not meant to be dead, you are going to wake up sooner or later. Ahh Misato always the one that got away".

"I've been damned since the first time I went demon, you telling me that I will never truely die"?

"Thats the gist of it", he said. "That little heart of yours, it wasn't as human as you thought it was".

I blinked, "Excuse me"?

He seemed to laugh then, "Eeehhh... Well the confines of humanity actually made its demon nature dorment, when your body was ended it freed it to return to what it was. Oh child of Janvier".

"I have a question".


"That demoness who killed my parents, she isn't really me is she"?

Death got a serious expression, "You've seen there are other dimensions and realities, imagine that particular demoness came from one such dimension.... That is the you who was BORN a demoness, pure demon and true as you will be soon".

As the light or should that be a blacker black than the blackness I was already sitting in, suddenly invaded my personal inner sanctum I sat down to take that in. Death embraced me in the way a lover would, in the way I wish a certain one would do every day.

~End scene~

All I could feel was heat immense heat all around me, coursing through me and I was just floating in this heat. I don't know does a heart actually feel anything at all? I crawled out of the volcano my hands grasping for the edge to drag myself free of the lava, I crept over the floor hissing in my own violent re-birth towards my Lord. He ordered me to go out and feed to not take too long either, with Jason by my side I went out in to the city and mananged to feed off a couple of kitties.

Afterwards I tested the blood of my lineage on Stein, it seems it still works though a lot less potent. I can't figure out why the rest of my old powers will not work, perhaps because Belial abandoned my father... Janvier.

Lulz of the day:

Kashgari: Who are you raping?
Pieter: Your sister

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