Sunday, 29 September 2013

On the road again

I had managed to find Matias but to my dismay he had been taken over by a Celestial, the devestation I felt at this was terrible. Yet Matias was still in there some there and the irony of it is, at least now he will know that his sister wasn't dead. Though the two of us were now butting heads I had to protect him, the host is Matias he's in there merged with that thing but...

He decided to find an apartment I moved in with him, we eventually worked out a dynamic that worked for us and we settled in to this new city. Time passes by I started up a butcher shop in order to have something to do, ever since being a General I craved work or just something to keep me busy. We met many people here one of them was called Vincent he even reminded me a little of the Vincent I once met, the one I know is lost out there somewhere along with Mephis. No matter how hard I look for them I can't find them.

Matias he set up his own shop of sex furniture for a naive angel he surely shouldn't know about that sort of thing, its his first time on the surface or so he says but he must have been around since Heaven is closed. There were a couple of people in this place who caught my interest, one being Morian the others, Naythan and... I forgot his name but I made a deal with him to get bodies in to my shop from him.

People left they vanished others took their place there was a new leader for a faction of my kind, I joined up becoming a peon again was a blessing but I still don't accept orders. Though his leadership was firm he didn't seem to last long either, I  heard he was outcast for falling for a fae he found. I'm just glad no one caught on I fell for a human, that could be devasting for my career no?

Eventually Matias left he disappeared one day again with no goodbye or mention he was leaving, I followed suit packing up my things in order to track him down once again. Maybe when I'm out there I can find all my friends again to make sure they're okay, I wonder how the Nephilim are doing without me being there to lead them. Its okay though Lizbeth is a good worker she'll keep things intact, if not well the orders I'm sure will change at some point and we'll all meet up again somewhere else. In the mean time I feel like I'm chasing shadows, I should just let him go.

I really should...

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